Fort Wayne Fire Department Finds Unique Way To Train Using Caliente’s Thermal Targets

The Fort Wayne Fire Department had an innovative idea: using Caliente’s thermal targets in their smoke room training.

For many years, Caliente has been working closely with the US military to develop thermal targets, which are used for marksmanship training with thermal scopes mounted on weapons and vehicles.

The Fort Wayne Fire Department envisioned repurposing these thermal targets by using them within their rescue training facilities. The targets replicate the heat signature of potential victims, who are often sleeping or hiding in a smoke filled room. The targets/victims are identified with a thermal camera, and “rescued” by the trainee.

“We can also quickly change scenarios without using another firefighter,” explained FWFD’s Deputy Chief, Adam O’Connor, who added that the targets have helped their trainee’s immensely.

“These are the reason some people are still walking around the streets of Fort Wayne today.”

Click here to view the full story and video. More information on Caliente thermal targets can be found here.

Special thanks to Adam O’Connor and Jermaine Thomas from the Fort Wayne Fire Department and Jeff Neumeyer and Chad Fordyce from WPTA/21 Alive for their contributions to the story.

Caliente discusses the Goldilocks Syndrome at AABE Conference

AABC Europe 2018 - 1Caliente is heading to the AABC European Conference in Mainz, Germany next week to discuss their latest article in Charged Magazine. From Jan 29 – Feb 1, Caliente will explain how their battery heating systems can cure the “Goldilocks Syndrome” in battery packs today.

AABC Europe 2018 - 3AABC Europe is the most informative European conference on energy storage technologies for advanced automotive applications with over 950 attendees so far. These include battery technologists from OEMs, cell manufacturers and pack integrators as well as many others. Registration ends soon so we hope to see you there!

Caliente’s must read article lands in Charged Electric Vehicle Magazine!

Caliente is excited to announce its recent publication in Charged EV Magazine. Our latest advances in battery heating technology are taking the market by storm! Goldilocks Zone 3Due to its infancy, many do not understand why our battery heaters are so important to the life of an electric vehicle. Like most batteries in electric vehicles, they suffer from the Goldilocks syndrome. You may  ask “What does that mean?” Similar to the famous fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, batteries do not like to be too hot or too cold. They like to function at a temperature that is just right. Where do our battery heaters come in to play? Read this article to see how our battery heating pads cure the Goldilocks syndrome in most electric vehicles on the road today! Click on the magazine photo OR click the link below:

Caliente Donates 1,300 Items to Community Harvest

Everyone at Caliente would like to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving Break! We are using this time of year to reflect on all our blessings and give back to our community. We hope you do the same as you visit family and friends this weekend.

DSC_1623Caliente’s First Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive was a huge success! The winners were announced during our Fall Harvest Celebration and the number of donations were far beyond our expectations. Team B pulled ahead on the last day and won the competition! Caliente raised a total of 1,309 items for Community Harvest, a local food bank, and the winning team contributed 695 of those items. As their prize, Team B had the opportunity to deliver all of Caliente’s donations.

Com. Harvest5We achieved our goal by donating food to hundreds of families in need this holiday season. We are very proud of the effort and determination each team had during this competition and appreciate everything our employees have done for this company. We would not be where we are today without a strong team backing us up.


Understanding the Origin of Thermal Targets

Thermal targets are used across all branches of the military for active training with thermal scopes to better prepare the warfighter for battle. But where did this idea come from? In the early 1900’s, devices were created to see people during the day or night using only their body temperatures. Also known as night vision devices, these elements were first introduced during World War 2 by the German Army. Development of these British-soldier-007devices began by AEG in 1935 and became widely popular during the Vietnam War.  The United States began developing parallel systems known as infrared night sighting devices which were introduced during World War 2 and the Korean War to assist snipers. With these new developments, thermal targets began appearing on the horizon.

The first-generation passive devices were introduced during the Vietnam War and relied on ambient light instead of infrared light sources. These devices were used to distinguish friendly soldiers from enemy armies.  Sources are unsure who invented the first “active thermal target” due to their variations in the market, but Caliente began developing and perfecting this idea 5 years ago.

IR_2577Caliente was first introduced to this idea when a competitor won a large military contract requiring thermal targets. We quickly realized the potential in this business and began researching why these thermal targets were so popular. After a couple years of exploring military databases, codes, and other competitors in the industry, Caliente launched their Military target line in March of 2013.

As we discovered, the Army developed a specification for their ranges in April of 2004. This specification stated which thermal targets should be used for training, how they should look, where they should be set up, and what power requirements were needed. Caliente brought its experience with UL (Underwriters Laboratory) safety to its target designs. We developed a much safer, creative, and vastly improved target to the market. Our targets were able to withstand five times the amount of shots as our nearest competitor, comparing 300 to 1,500 shots.

Caliente listened to the military’s requests. People began to recognize the improved design including much higher safety features and we quickly became the leader in the industry. Serving over 40 bases in 25 states and 10 foreign countries, Caliente is now the nation’s leader in producing and selling active thermal targets to the US military. caliente_2c

Caliente is Giving back this Holiday Season

BarrelsCaliente has initiated their First Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive! “Can for Can, Hand in Hand” was created with one goal in mind: to donate food and supplies to families that are less fortunate during the holiday season. Caliente has partnered with Community Harvest, a local food bank, where all proceeds will be given on November 21st. Community Harvest is a member of Feeding America and distributes nearly 11 million meals annually to 85,160 food insecure people in Northeast Indiana.


With our goal in mind, Caliente started a competition and split the company right down the middle. Total donations will be calculated and announced during our Fall Harvest Celebration and the winning team will have the pleasure of dropping off all donated items to the food bank. We hope a few more families can focus on the joy and love our holidays bring without worrying about their next meal.

4 Reasons Why Attending Conferences Will Benefit Your Company

Have you ever wondered if attending conferences, trade shows, or seminars is worth it? With advancements in technology these days, we understand that it might be easier to schedule a conference call or take an online training course from the comfort of your desk. You cannot fall into that trap! Now more than ever, it is crucial for you and your company to break away from the daily routine and attend these events in person. Nothing compares to a live conference or training seminar.

Whether you are looking for new ideas, want to bring your company to the next level, or simply learn more about your industry, live events are the perfect solution. Below are 2012-CES-trade-show-floorfour reasons to convince yourself that attending these events is worth the investment.

Networking face-to-face

These events are all about networking, networking, networking. One of the most important relationships you can build in business starts with face-to-face interactions. Conferences allow you to meet new, existing, and online colleagues in person to forge a stronger connection between businesses. People like to know who they are working with. These connections will give you the opportunity to network with peers in your industry and develop contacts that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Observe and learn your industry

You learn something new every day and at these events, you learn a lot more! Conferences offer educational opportunities to expand your knowledge of industry trends, competitor products, and new vendors and suppliers. It is important to stay on top of industry trends to grow and expand your business. You can also observe your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to gain a competitive advantage. All of this information will teach you the best ways to improve your business and its products and services.

Direct contact with potential clients and customers

handshake-close-up-of-executives_1098-1384Have you heard of [insert company] before? Neither have I. Conferences are filled with hundreds of these potential clients who may have never been on your radar. By attending or even exhibiting at these conferences, you will meet people who can help your company in more ways than one. You can learn from their innovations, partner with them on a large project, or sell them your ideas. Your company can generate as many sales opportunities in 3 days that you would have otherwise made in 3 months by attending one trade show. You can also answer questions in person, put material directly in their hands, and expand your customer base in minutes.

Generate creativity and innovation

Not only do these conferences allow you to build your brand, but they also promote new ideas and creative thinking. Being stuck in the office for weeks or even months can hinder your creative thought process. Running a business doesn’t mean all work and no play. Conferences allow you to take a break from your daily routine and encourage you to develop new ideas. These experiences will give you the tools to grow your business and renew your excitement about what you do!

New requirements bring Caliente to TMSS


Caliente hits the road again, heading to Plymouth, MI for the SAE Thermal Management Systems Symposium on October 10-12th.  TMSS is the premier event dedicated to exploring topics in the field of ground vehicle thermal management technologies. New vehicle powertrains such as hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles are starting new discussions in the thermal management industry. All systems are requiring new concepts to provide passenger compartment heating and cooling, as well as heating and cooling of batteries, and cooling vehicle fuel systems.

Starting in 2017, the new EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations are mandatory, and combined with the European standards and CAFÉ standards, it will require a significant reduction in combustion engines. Thermal management activities are forming a vital part in adhering to these regulations. SAE’s TMSS addresses both regulations, as well as industry reaction and resulting technologies.

By attending and exhibiting at this event, we hope to:

  • Learn from leading experts from the United States, Europe, and Asia who are reviewing cutting edge technology and discussing valuable solutions and strategies on how to navigate current thermal management requirements and regulations
  • Discover the latest innovations in climate, air conditioning, refrigerant, and thermal management
  • Meet and exchange ideas with engineers, business professionals, and executives from Tier 1 suppliers, OEMs, and chemical companies around the world
  • Present the best quality thermal heating elements to meet upcoming requirements

Stop by table 7 at the conference or contact to learn more!

MS&T Awards Caliente as a Finalist in the Global Defense Training and Simulation Community

Caliente has been recognized as a finalist and leading company in the global defense training and simulation community. Military Simulation & Training Magazine’s 2017 industry awards received hundreds of applications and only a select few were chosen as award finalist and winners.


Caliente achieved this honor by continuing to create unique, realistic, top of the line thermal targets for our military and service members. Caliente’s mission is to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions with live-fire thermal training targets to enhance the war-fighter’s abilities. These targets provide the most realistic thermal signature on the market along with the highest hit rating available, providing the best return on investment in the industry. They can range in power from non-powered to 12V to 120V, and shapes from infantry/silhouettes and armor/vehicular.

A direct link to the award winners/finalist is provided here:

An interview with Caliente president Mike Kelly on The Battery Show

Interviewer: Allison Rowe – September 14th (Novi, MI) –  After digesting the busy and exciting week we had at The Battery Show, I sat down with Mike Kelly, President of Caliente LLC, to learn what he thought about his experiences. I asked him five questions and his thoughts are as follows:

  1. What were your expectations going into the conference?

Answer: As our fifth year exhibiting, I knew it was going to be a good show. I was expecting more of the same people and companies as before. However, I was very excited to be participating in the conferences for the first time.

  1. What were you looking forward to learning at The Battery Show?

Answer: I wanted to meet new people and learn more about what direction the battery technology was going and growing. We wanted to identify other places where our technology fits. We have found that the pad heater within a cold plate is off the charts for what value we bring to the table.

  1. What are the most important takeaways you have learned from the conference?

Answer: There are a growing number of applications for our technology. The Chinese market is talking about eliminating internal combustion engines by 2030. That could accelerate electric vehicle development in the US and Europe as well if they want to compete in the world’s largest auto market! We also see solid state batteries and fuel cells on the horizon.

  1. How was the turnout? Do you believe there was more quality over quantity?

Answer: The turnout was very good. This is a quantity show where you must get a broad range of industries and potential applications. We are getting in front of a lot of other people that may need our help in the future. It is broader than other shows, but in a good way.

  1. Will you attend the show next year?

Answer: Yes, we are able to see a lot of our customers here in 3 days and learn the latest on where the battery market is heading.

Caliente has some busy weeks ahead of us following up on new projects. If we missed you, please contact us at to discuss your battery, sensor, camera, or HVAC heating needs!