MS&T Awards Caliente as a Finalist in the Global Defense Training and Simulation Community

Caliente has been recognized as a finalist and leading company in the global defense training and simulation community. Military Simulation & Training Magazine’s 2017 industry awards received hundreds of applications and only a select few were chosen as award finalist and winners.


Caliente achieved this honor by continuing to create unique, realistic, top of the line thermal targets for our military and service members. Caliente’s mission is to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions with live-fire thermal training targets to enhance the war-fighter’s abilities. These targets provide the most realistic thermal signature on the market along with the highest hit rating available, providing the best return on investment in the industry. They can range in power from non-powered to 12V to 120V, and shapes from infantry/silhouettes and armor/vehicular.

A direct link to the award winners/finalist is provided here:


An interview with Caliente president Mike Kelly on The Battery Show

Interviewer: Allison Rowe – September 14th (Novi, MI) –  After digesting the busy and exciting week we had at The Battery Show, I sat down with Mike Kelly, President of Caliente LLC, to learn what he thought about his experiences. I asked him five questions and his thoughts are as follows:

  1. What were your expectations going into the conference?

Answer: As our fifth year exhibiting, I knew it was going to be a good show. I was expecting more of the same people and companies as before. However, I was very excited to be participating in the conferences for the first time.

  1. What were you looking forward to learning at The Battery Show?

Answer: I wanted to meet new people and learn more about what direction the battery technology was going and growing. We wanted to identify other places where our technology fits. We have found that the pad heater within a cold plate is off the charts for what value we bring to the table.

  1. What are the most important takeaways you have learned from the conference?

Answer: There are a growing number of applications for our technology. The Chinese market is talking about eliminating internal combustion engines by 2030. That could accelerate electric vehicle development in the US and Europe as well if they want to compete in the world’s largest auto market! We also see solid state batteries and fuel cells on the horizon.

  1. How was the turnout? Do you believe there was more quality over quantity?

Answer: The turnout was very good. This is a quantity show where you must get a broad range of industries and potential applications. We are getting in front of a lot of other people that may need our help in the future. It is broader than other shows, but in a good way.

  1. Will you attend the show next year?

Answer: Yes, we are able to see a lot of our customers here in 3 days and learn the latest on where the battery market is heading.

Caliente has some busy weeks ahead of us following up on new projects. If we missed you, please contact us at to discuss your battery, sensor, camera, or HVAC heating needs!

Leading the Industry One Pad Heater at a Time

With over 155 years of combined experience, Caliente has become the leader in the pad heater industry. We specialize in custom design in challenging and tight spaces. Because the elements are so thin, they transfer heat to the source very quickly, and doesn’t impede thermal transfer when added to a cooling system. We heat everything from electric vehicle battery heaters to military thermal targets to medical devices. The scope of our applications includes:

  • Telecom battery heaters
  • Defog/deice camera lenses
  • Emergency exit lighting
  • Lab equipment
  • Medical table warmers
  • Fast food displays
  • Ice dispenser heaters
  • Many, many more!

Essentially, if you can think it, we can heat it!

Leading Lights

Caliente manufactures all its products in house. We build heaters with polyester (rated at 105C), Kapton (rated at 180C), or silicone (rated to 200C). Our unique method of printing silver, carbon, and self-regulating PTC inks onto the various substrates allows for enormous design flexibility, including routing around holes and adding more heat in selected areas.

This method also allows our heaters to remain extremely thin (.011”) for smaller applications. These elements can range from 1” x 1” up to 24” x 72” and vary in voltage, wattage, operating temperature, and temperature controls, depending on your specifications.

Our team of experts would love to help solve your problems. Contact us today at for a free assessment!

Caliente’s Pad Heaters are Ahead of Their Time!

What makes Caliente the industry leader in pad heaters? Caliente’s heaters are unique because each one is custom designed to fit their client’s exact specifications. Not only do they design and manufacture everything in house, but Caliente builds in savings in both production cost and energy usage.

Caliente’s pads are extremely thin (.011”), allowing them to fit almost anywhere and deliver heat precisely where needed. These pads are also 20% more energy efficient than comparable technologies by reducing wasted heat and delivering it more quickly. They are designed to cost effectively spread heat over a wide area and eliminate the concern for hot spots and touch temperature safety issues.

Pad heaters are typically designed with a fixed resistance/wattage,but Caliente also offers PTC versions that self-regulates at a certain temperature, usually around 65C. PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient, which means that as temperature increases, resistance increases. As the temperature reaches a predesignated set-point, the resistance rises and the wattage drops. These heaters do not require a thermostat because the ink functions like a self-regulating thermostat.

Many of Caliente’s pad heaters are UL recognized, including flame retardant, and are abrasion and acid resistant to protect from electrical shock, tears and burns. Pressure sensitive adhesives are commonly mounted to the back of these heaters for easier installation.

Pad Heaters

Contact Caliente to learn how our pad heaters may be the right solution for you!

Are you going to the Battery Show? Stop by booth 1320 on September 12-14th and mention this post for a free sample!

Heaters are Crucial to EV Battery Packs in Cold Temperatures!

Batteries don’t properly function in cold weather, so what does this mean for an electric vehicle? Electric vehicle batteries cannot charge, and the packs lose half of their range when temperatures drop below freezing.

Caliente has created innovative heating solutions to solve these problems. Our heaters are designed to work with the electric vehicle’s existing cooling infrastructure to push heat back into the batteries. We have created three different heater variations: pad, immersion, and radiator. Pad heaters are applied directly with the cold plate, ceramic immersion heaters are submerged in the liquid path, and radiator style heaters sit in front of the air flow systems.

The pad heaters in particular offer several advantages. At 0.011”, they are extremely thin, adding heat with minimal impact to cooling performance. The watt density can also be tailored to add more heat where there are more losses, and minimize heat in hot spots. They are also much more cost effective when compared to flow through elements on liquid based systems, removing the isolation failure mode common with this technology.


Visit Caliente at the Battery Show in Booth 1320 from September 12-14th to learn more! Pad Heaters

Go Farther. Even in the Cold.

Caliente is heading to the AABC Conference next month in San Francisco to present their findings on electric vehicle battery usage. We found the solution you all have been looking for!EV in Snow

Without an efficient battery heating system, electric vehicles waste valuable power staying warm enough to operate in colder temperatures. Our heaters use less electricity, which means increased driving range. We offer pad heaters for cold plate designs, PTC immersion heaters for liquid-cooled systems, PTC radiator-style elements for air-cooled designs, and custom options tailored to your needs.

Stop by booth 207 if you’re interested in learning more!

Advances in Thermal Technology will be Shown at SOFIC

Come join us and the warm weather of Tampa, Florida for another show at SOFIC! On May 16th through the 18th, we will be displaying our newest target materials in Booth #118.

The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference is the largest SOF conference in North America. You will have the opportunity to explore the most cutting-edge capabilities in the industry and collaborate on the challenges our soldiers face every day.Comparison

Caliente is helping meet these needs by presenting our new Zero Degree Passive Material. This thicker material (left) can be mounted at any position to provide a more vivid, consistent thermal image and allows for easier application, avoiding bubbles or wrinkles during installation. Stronger pressure sensitive mounting adhesive lets you stick the target almost anywhere, even to wet plywood! These targets are easy to set-up, durable, flexible, and energy efficient.

Caliente will also be displaying many other targets in their robust product line. Stop by Booth #118 and mention this post to receive a FREE GIFT!

Caliente Stars on American Outdoors

American OutdoorsCaliente recently made an appearance on American Outdoors to demonstrate how important our thermal targets are for training in the military and armed forces. With the help of these targets, our soldiers are now able to train more effectively to be ready for active duty in the field.

Check out Caliente’s segment to see our line of products and learn more about what we do!


“We were interviewed while attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas to discuss our unique and robust line of thermal targets. Within the next few years, all military branches will be required to train with thermal scopes. Not only did we want to stress the impact our targets have on effective training, but we wanted to let everyone know that we sell the best thermal targets on the market for the upcoming required training procedures” -Allison Rowe.

American Outdoors is the oldest outdoor television show in America and is devoted to bringing the greatest adventure and best products to its viewers.

Caliente Receives High Score on Performance Survey in Efforts to Obtain a GSA Schedule

Caliente is pursuing a contract under GSA to better serve its military customers. As our business grows and expands, Caliente wants to be able to meet the needs of all their clients efficiently. After being a subcontractor on GSA for a few years, we felt it was time to create our own contract. Our new restructured platform will expand our current GSA product line by presenting an updated product and price list.

In order to obtain a contract, we were required to complete a past performance evaluation survey though a third party. Open Ratings Systems distributed and collected data from our current and past customers. The results were outstanding. We received an 87, on a scale of 100, for overall performance ratings. Our highest categories included reliability, order accuracy, quality, and responsiveness. Although the responses were all positive, we will continue to keep our customers needs and wants as our first priority.

Caliente appreciates the feedback from the survey and will continue to exceed expectations, making sure we are the top performing company in the industry.

Check us out at SHOT Show in Las Vegas!

Caliente, LLC will be joining an amazing list of more than 1,600 exhibitors at the 2017 SHOT Show, January 17-20, at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV.

The SHOT Show is the world’s most comprehensive tradeshow for professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries. It attracts an impressive 64,000 industry professionals from all 50 states and more than 100 countries.

NEW PRODUCTS displayed at booth 8511

Caliente, LLC will be featuring its new Zero Degree reverse polarity material along with its new Friend-Foe shotshow-logo-downloadThermal ID target. The Zero Degree passive material requires no power and does not need to be angled to display an effective thermal image downrange. This material is also thicker than previous films, allowing it to last longer before the need to patch or replace it. Our new 12V Friend-Foe Thermal ID target has the special capability of switching from “friend” to “foe” in a matter of seconds. By simply turning on one of the power supplies, the target will display an enemy holding a gun. In the off position, the target displays an unarmed civilian.

For more information, come to our booth and meet face-to-face with our team members to discuss the implications of these new products or contact Mike Kelly at

See full details to register at We look forward to seeing you at 2017 SHOT Show!