Caliente discusses the Goldilocks Syndrome at AABE Conference

AABC Europe 2018 - 1Caliente is heading to the AABC European Conference in Mainz, Germany next week to discuss their latest article in Charged Magazine. From Jan 29 – Feb 1, Caliente will explain how their battery heating systems can cure the “Goldilocks Syndrome” in battery packs today.

AABC Europe 2018 - 3AABC Europe is the most informative European conference on energy storage technologies for advanced automotive applications with over 950 attendees so far. These include battery technologists from OEMs, cell manufacturers and pack integrators as well as many others. Registration ends soon so we hope to see you there!


Caliente’s must read article lands in Charged Electric Vehicle Magazine!

Caliente is excited to announce its recent publication in Charged EV Magazine. Our latest advances in battery heating technology are taking the market by storm! Goldilocks Zone 3Due to its infancy, many do not understand why our battery heaters are so important to the life of an electric vehicle. Like most batteries in electric vehicles, they suffer from the Goldilocks syndrome. You may  ask “What does that mean?” Similar to the famous fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, batteries do not like to be too hot or too cold. They like to function at a temperature that is just right. Where do our battery heaters come in to play? Read this article to see how our battery heating pads cure the Goldilocks syndrome in most electric vehicles on the road today! Click on the magazine photo OR click the link below:

4 Reasons Why Attending Conferences Will Benefit Your Company

Have you ever wondered if attending conferences, trade shows, or seminars is worth it? With advancements in technology these days, we understand that it might be easier to schedule a conference call or take an online training course from the comfort of your desk. You cannot fall into that trap! Now more than ever, it is crucial for you and your company to break away from the daily routine and attend these events in person. Nothing compares to a live conference or training seminar.

Whether you are looking for new ideas, want to bring your company to the next level, or simply learn more about your industry, live events are the perfect solution. Below are 2012-CES-trade-show-floorfour reasons to convince yourself that attending these events is worth the investment.

Networking face-to-face

These events are all about networking, networking, networking. One of the most important relationships you can build in business starts with face-to-face interactions. Conferences allow you to meet new, existing, and online colleagues in person to forge a stronger connection between businesses. People like to know who they are working with. These connections will give you the opportunity to network with peers in your industry and develop contacts that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Observe and learn your industry

You learn something new every day and at these events, you learn a lot more! Conferences offer educational opportunities to expand your knowledge of industry trends, competitor products, and new vendors and suppliers. It is important to stay on top of industry trends to grow and expand your business. You can also observe your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to gain a competitive advantage. All of this information will teach you the best ways to improve your business and its products and services.

Direct contact with potential clients and customers

handshake-close-up-of-executives_1098-1384Have you heard of [insert company] before? Neither have I. Conferences are filled with hundreds of these potential clients who may have never been on your radar. By attending or even exhibiting at these conferences, you will meet people who can help your company in more ways than one. You can learn from their innovations, partner with them on a large project, or sell them your ideas. Your company can generate as many sales opportunities in 3 days that you would have otherwise made in 3 months by attending one trade show. You can also answer questions in person, put material directly in their hands, and expand your customer base in minutes.

Generate creativity and innovation

Not only do these conferences allow you to build your brand, but they also promote new ideas and creative thinking. Being stuck in the office for weeks or even months can hinder your creative thought process. Running a business doesn’t mean all work and no play. Conferences allow you to take a break from your daily routine and encourage you to develop new ideas. These experiences will give you the tools to grow your business and renew your excitement about what you do!

Leading the Industry One Pad Heater at a Time

With over 155 years of combined experience, Caliente has become the leader in the pad heater industry. We specialize in custom design in challenging and tight spaces. Because the elements are so thin, they transfer heat to the source very quickly, and doesn’t impede thermal transfer when added to a cooling system. We heat everything from electric vehicle battery heaters to military thermal targets to medical devices. The scope of our applications includes:

  • Telecom battery heaters
  • Defog/deice camera lenses
  • Emergency exit lighting
  • Lab equipment
  • Medical table warmers
  • Fast food displays
  • Ice dispenser heaters
  • Many, many more!

Essentially, if you can think it, we can heat it!

Leading Lights

Caliente manufactures all its products in house. We build heaters with polyester (rated at 105C), Kapton (rated at 180C), or silicone (rated to 200C). Our unique method of printing silver, carbon, and self-regulating PTC inks onto the various substrates allows for enormous design flexibility, including routing around holes and adding more heat in selected areas.

This method also allows our heaters to remain extremely thin (.011”) for smaller applications. These elements can range from 1” x 1” up to 24” x 72” and vary in voltage, wattage, operating temperature, and temperature controls, depending on your specifications.

Our team of experts would love to help solve your problems. Contact us today at for a free assessment!

Caliente’s Pad Heaters are Ahead of Their Time!

What makes Caliente the industry leader in pad heaters? Caliente’s heaters are unique because each one is custom designed to fit their client’s exact specifications. Not only do they design and manufacture everything in house, but Caliente builds in savings in both production cost and energy usage.

Caliente’s pads are extremely thin (.011”), allowing them to fit almost anywhere and deliver heat precisely where needed. These pads are also 20% more energy efficient than comparable technologies by reducing wasted heat and delivering it more quickly. They are designed to cost effectively spread heat over a wide area and eliminate the concern for hot spots and touch temperature safety issues.

Pad heaters are typically designed with a fixed resistance/wattage,but Caliente also offers PTC versions that self-regulates at a certain temperature, usually around 65C. PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient, which means that as temperature increases, resistance increases. As the temperature reaches a predesignated set-point, the resistance rises and the wattage drops. These heaters do not require a thermostat because the ink functions like a self-regulating thermostat.

Many of Caliente’s pad heaters are UL recognized, including flame retardant, and are abrasion and acid resistant to protect from electrical shock, tears and burns. Pressure sensitive adhesives are commonly mounted to the back of these heaters for easier installation.

Pad Heaters

Contact Caliente to learn how our pad heaters may be the right solution for you!

Are you going to the Battery Show? Stop by booth 1320 on September 12-14th and mention this post for a free sample!

Heaters are Crucial to EV Battery Packs in Cold Temperatures!

Batteries don’t properly function in cold weather, so what does this mean for an electric vehicle? Electric vehicle batteries cannot charge, and the packs lose half of their range when temperatures drop below freezing.

Caliente has created innovative heating solutions to solve these problems. Our heaters are designed to work with the electric vehicle’s existing cooling infrastructure to push heat back into the batteries. We have created three different heater variations: pad, immersion, and radiator. Pad heaters are applied directly with the cold plate, ceramic immersion heaters are submerged in the liquid path, and radiator style heaters sit in front of the air flow systems.

The pad heaters in particular offer several advantages. At 0.011”, they are extremely thin, adding heat with minimal impact to cooling performance. The watt density can also be tailored to add more heat where there are more losses, and minimize heat in hot spots. They are also much more cost effective when compared to flow through elements on liquid based systems, removing the isolation failure mode common with this technology.


Visit Caliente at the Battery Show in Booth 1320 from September 12-14th to learn more! Pad Heaters

Caliente exhibiting at I/ITSEC Booth 2731 in Orlando, FL

On November 28th through December 2nd Caliente will be exhibiting their new Zero Degree reverse polarity thermal target material in Booth 2731 at I/ITSEC.booth-placement

Caliente’s new Zero Degree reverse polarity material overcomes the biggest issue with previous passive materials – that they had to be angled at 10 degrees to demonstrate an effective thermal image. Field testing at 400 meters has shown the new Caliente Zero Degree material overcomes this issue, with a much clearer and higher contrast thermal image.

The material is also thicker than previous films, allowing it to take more shots before the need to patching or replacement, providing a higher return on investment. These non-powered thermal targets are ideal for ranges where power is limited, and use a strong pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive that bonds to even wet plywood.

Whether powered or unpowered, Caliente offers the broadest and most robust line of thermal targets in the industry, including 120V, 12V, Zero Degree reverse polarity, table thermalization and specialized sniper targets. Please visit us at I/ITSEC Booth 2731 and check out our website to learn more.

I/ITSEC is the world’s largest Training, Simulation and Modeling conference where businesses from across the nation present the best in training equipment and simulation technologies for our forces in the field as well as those at home.

>Caliente, LLC is a certified HUBZone Small Business headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana and manufactures thermal products including heaters, coolers, sensors and controls for various markets.   Find out more at or

Our ever-changing world of manufacturing

When we first started Caliente in 2001, we had a slow start. Companies told us they wouldn’t work with businesses that hadn’t been in the industry for more than five years, and when 9/11 happened, everything slowed down even more. To say the least, our first few years being in business were rough. But being passionate about Caliente, our product lines and our markets, it helped us survive and grow larger than we ever expected.

Currently in 2013, we are the market-share leader for battery heaters for cabinets or enclosures that telecom companies use for outdoor equipment. We create products that help save our customers energy and money.

caliente_1If a phone company has a large electrical box in a residential area, the backup batteries inside need to be heated and cooled. If the batteries inside do not work, phone lines will no longer work. Caliente provides these products – heater pads, blowers, air conditioners, etc. Companies like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in the telecom industry use our thermal solutions.

And since then, we’ve expanded into three main product lines – Caliente, Sensore and Frio. Our Caliente line of heating elements work for small, spot heating or larger scale needs. Sensore is our line of sensors and sensor arrays. They measure temperature, pressure, moisture, continuity, resistance, surface integrity and chemicals. Our Frio line features thermoelectric cooling solutions for smaller-area cooling needs.

We love our business and we think it shows in our dedication to quality, efficiency and value.

The customer is always right, right?

This phrase began in an age where caveat emptor, or “Let the buyer beware,” mentality reigned supreme, leading to customer dissatisfaction. In theory, it’s true. You are there to offer a good or service and the customer is there to purchase it. But in practice, the phrase leads to numerous issues.

Many times we will receive an inquiry with a series of specifications which we know don’t fit a particular technology or application. If we applied “the customer is right” in every circumstance, we would build to that spec without questioning them. This often puts not only the customer, but the manufacturer at risk.

We encourage our sales and customer service team to review everything and respectfully question what looks to be an error. It may be that the spec was copied from another application and not reviewed, or the engineer has a mechanical or electrical background but not in thermal.

Handled properly, we use our expertise to guide them to a solution that is optimized for their application. It prevents product development with multiple rounds of sampling and testing if we can “help” the customer be right. Later, it eliminates the issue of their “finger pointing”, especially if there was a known issue that wasn’t brought up and addressed.

It is true that without customers, you wouldn’t have a business. But that shouldn’t leave businesses powerless to choose to no longer provide products or services for a customer when they can no longer be mutually beneficial. Sometimes, the customer is wrong, and that’s okay.  Our job, and your job, is to help the customer be right.