Fort Wayne Fire Department Finds Unique Way To Train Using Caliente’s Thermal Targets

The Fort Wayne Fire Department had an innovative idea: using Caliente’s thermal targets in their smoke room training.

For many years, Caliente has been working closely with the US military to develop thermal targets, which are used for marksmanship training with thermal scopes mounted on weapons and vehicles.

The Fort Wayne Fire Department envisioned repurposing these thermal targets by using them within their rescue training facilities. The targets replicate the heat signature of potential victims, who are often sleeping or hiding in a smoke filled room. The targets/victims are identified with a thermal camera, and “rescued” by the trainee.

“We can also quickly change scenarios without using another firefighter,” explained FWFD’s Deputy Chief, Adam O’Connor, who added that the targets have helped their trainee’s immensely.

“These are the reason some people are still walking around the streets of Fort Wayne today.”

Click here to view the full story and video. More information on Caliente thermal targets can be found here.

Special thanks to Adam O’Connor and Jermaine Thomas from the Fort Wayne Fire Department and Jeff Neumeyer and Chad Fordyce from WPTA/21 Alive for their contributions to the story.


Caliente Donates 1,300 Items to Community Harvest

Everyone at Caliente would like to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving Break! We are using this time of year to reflect on all our blessings and give back to our community. We hope you do the same as you visit family and friends this weekend.

DSC_1623Caliente’s First Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive was a huge success! The winners were announced during our Fall Harvest Celebration and the number of donations were far beyond our expectations. Team B pulled ahead on the last day and won the competition! Caliente raised a total of 1,309 items for Community Harvest, a local food bank, and the winning team contributed 695 of those items. As their prize, Team B had the opportunity to deliver all of Caliente’s donations.

Com. Harvest5We achieved our goal by donating food to hundreds of families in need this holiday season. We are very proud of the effort and determination each team had during this competition and appreciate everything our employees have done for this company. We would not be where we are today without a strong team backing us up.


Understanding the Origin of Thermal Targets

Thermal targets are used across all branches of the military for active training with thermal scopes to better prepare the warfighter for battle. But where did this idea come from? In the early 1900’s, devices were created to see people during the day or night using only their body temperatures. Also known as night vision devices, these elements were first introduced during World War 2 by the German Army. Development of these British-soldier-007devices began by AEG in 1935 and became widely popular during the Vietnam War.  The United States began developing parallel systems known as infrared night sighting devices which were introduced during World War 2 and the Korean War to assist snipers. With these new developments, thermal targets began appearing on the horizon.

The first-generation passive devices were introduced during the Vietnam War and relied on ambient light instead of infrared light sources. These devices were used to distinguish friendly soldiers from enemy armies.  Sources are unsure who invented the first “active thermal target” due to their variations in the market, but Caliente began developing and perfecting this idea 5 years ago.

IR_2577Caliente was first introduced to this idea when a competitor won a large military contract requiring thermal targets. We quickly realized the potential in this business and began researching why these thermal targets were so popular. After a couple years of exploring military databases, codes, and other competitors in the industry, Caliente launched their Military target line in March of 2013.

As we discovered, the Army developed a specification for their ranges in April of 2004. This specification stated which thermal targets should be used for training, how they should look, where they should be set up, and what power requirements were needed. Caliente brought its experience with UL (Underwriters Laboratory) safety to its target designs. We developed a much safer, creative, and vastly improved target to the market. Our targets were able to withstand five times the amount of shots as our nearest competitor, comparing 300 to 1,500 shots.

Caliente listened to the military’s requests. People began to recognize the improved design including much higher safety features and we quickly became the leader in the industry. Serving over 40 bases in 25 states and 10 foreign countries, Caliente is now the nation’s leader in producing and selling active thermal targets to the US military. caliente_2c

Caliente Thermal Targets now on GSA

GSA Advantage!

Caliente LLC is pleased to announce that its thermal targets are now available for purchase on GSA!  Caliente has the broadest offering of thermal targets on the market, including 120V powered standard temp, hot, and extra hot, 12V battery powered targets, and non-powered passive/reverse polarity targets.

Also featured on GSA are Caliente’s innovative table thermalization heaters for SIT’s and SAT’s, where the plywood is heated via a platform behind the lifter, saving on repeat ordering, maintenance and replacement.

Caliente’s thermal targets can be found by searching Caliente LLC at, or directly at the following link:

Caliente LLC GSA


Caliente is a HUBZone certified small business based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and can be reached at +1 260-426-3800 or

Caliente SimIS Introduces Next Generation Moving Target

November 30, 2015

Orlando, Florida

Caliente SimIS, a joint venture between thermal target manufacturer Caliente and SimIS, specializing in robotic/modeling/simulation, introduced the next generation in moving target systems at the I/ITSEC Innovation Showcase on Monday.

The Caliente SimIS RHTT (Robotic Human Type Target) system is a mobile, four wheeled, robotic, trackless smart target developed for the military live fire training market and beyond.   The robot will react to various levels of engagement, differentiating between lethal hits, non-lethal hits, and near misses to exhibit human like behaviors and reactions, including replicating threats.  The Caliente SimIS RHTT improves training realism and accelerates the development of marksmanship and other human dimensions of warfighting by improving soldier readiness, situational awareness and resiliency.

Caliente SimIS has also released a white paper and spec sheet on the RHTT system, and will be demonstrating the unit at I/ITSEC Booth 533 through Thursday.  More information can be found at

Caliente is a HUBZone certified small business based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and SimIS is an 8(a) small business based in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Contact Mike Kelly for more information – or +1 260-450-7167.

Inaugural Race For The Warrior A Smashing Success

Caliente, LLC was pleased to both sponsor and participate in the inaugural Race for the Warrior on Saturday, May 23rd at the Fort Wayne International Airport.

Race For The Warrior 2015 Caliente


The race was coordinated by the Fort Wayne Base Community Council to benefit local military families that face financial hardship.


Organizers targeted a goal of 250 runners, and were delighted that over 350 participated.


More coverage of the event can be found here:

More information on the Fort Wayne Base Community Council can be found at, where you can donate to the Military Support Fund.

Caliente/Caliente Defense Sponsors Race For the Warrior

Race For The Warrior - Fort Wayne Base Community Council
Caliente/Caliente Defense is pleased to help sponsor the upcoming Race for the Warrior 5/10k Run & Walk, Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 9:00am at the Fort Wayne International Air-Trade Center, benefiting the Fort Wayne Base Community Council’s Military Support Fund.  The fund provides immediate financial hardship assistance to local military members, to allow them to care for their families while remaining focused on their critical work in the support of our stated and defense of our nation.

Please visit to sign up to run, volunteer or financially support this great event!

Caliente Defense Exhibits at SHOT Show January 20th-23rd in Las Vegas

shot header

Caliente Defense will once again be exhibiting at the SHOT Show next week, January 20th – 23rd in Las Vegas, Booth 8511, Level 1 of the Law Enforcement Section. This year we will be featuring our 12 volt thermal sniper targets and the Targabot robotic target system.

Caliente thermal targets have been featured at prestigious sniper competitions such as the International Sniper Competition and are used by U.S. Army installations including Ft. Hood, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Bliss, and Ft. Carson.

Click to view a brief video of our innovative thermal targets. 
The Targabot was also featured at the2014 International Sniper Competition and is one of the most exciting new products available for live fire training.  It is endorsed by world renowned competitive shooter Jerry Miculek.

Click to view a brief video of the Targabot in action.
Also, don’t miss your chance to talk with Jerry, Kay and Lena at our booth on Wednesday and Thursday for a Team Miculek meet and greet (and get a few pointers from the pros themselves).  We’re also having a live fire demonstration of the Targabot on Thursday.  Please RSVP with us prior to Thu 22nd, 12 noon.

Caliente Defense Booth Schedule:

Team Miculek Meet & Greet – Wed 21st, 3:15 – 4pm Booth 8511
Team Miculek Meet & Greet – Thu 22nd, 3:15 – 4pm Booth 8511
Targabot Live Fire Demo –      Thu 22nd, 2:00 – 6pm Clark County Shooting                                                        Complex,11357 North Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas

Caliente is Moving!

red caliente banner


Effective December 19, 2014, Caliente, LLC and Caliente Defense will have a new home!  Our new address will be 315 East Wallace Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46803.  Our phone and fax will remain the same, as will our website at

Why are we moving?  Because of the trust of our valuable customers and the faithful service of our superb vendors, we have grown beyond the 20,000 square feet we have occupied the last 9 years.  Our new facility is nearly 40,000 square feet, and will allow us to accommodate the growth we have planned over the years ahead.

So on behalf of the 25 families your business helps support – thank you.  We couldn’t do it without you, and we’re excited to continue working on innovative products that help differentiate your companies in the marketplace.  We very much appreciate our relationship with you!

Our New Address – 315 E. Wallace St., Fort Wayne, IN 46803